Shruti Laddha, born on February 5, 2004 is the younger daughter of Mr. Girish Laddha and Mrs. Savita Laddha. Shruti too showed inclination towards arts and paintings right from her childhood. Looking at her elder sister Aditi Laddha making colourful illustrations, she too got inspired and would make colourful paintings .According to her parents it is great to watch both the daughters making such wondeful colourful drawings and entering the world of arts. No one in their family had inclination towards art. Since childhood her parents have given her full support to pursue art as her career.

Shruti, is studying in Shishukunj International school.You can have a look at Shruti's Portfolio. She received 4 international prizes over a period of 2009-2012.

Shruti has recently illustrated for The Hutch a reputed children magazines.Her illustration has been choosen to appear on the cover page. Her works can be at viewed at My Creations.


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